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Commercial Water Leak Detection & Repairs in Lexington

Your commercial building is a significant business asset that you want to protect. Leaking fixtures and pipes can cause significant damage and depreciation if not addressed swiftly. Commercial plumbing issues, especially gas leaks, can be more complex than standard residential plumbing systems. Choose a plumbing provider with experience dealing with larger, commercial-sized plumbing systems.

With over 1,000 five-star reviews, Fayette has been impressing clients since 2009. Commercial work is a large part of our day-to-day work; we are experts in everything commercial plumbing. Our staff is friendly, licensed, and insured, and undergo extensive training to keep up with the latest advancements and best practices in the plumbing industry.

If you suspect a leak or need help finding and fixing one, call Fayette. We offer commercial leak detection and repair services in Lexington and the surrounding areas up to Elizabethtown and Bardstown, Kentucky.

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Experienced Leak Detection Services

Even small leaks can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage. If your utility bills have a mysterious increase, it could be a leak. Aside from an increased water bill, the main problem is water damage to things like drywall, ceilings, cabinetry, floors, products, or machinery. These things depreciate in value, and it is lost money.

Our professional plumbers have the training, experience, and equipment to find and detect leaks. We use our experience to narrow down the likely locations of leaks and then use our equipment to pinpoint precisely where the leak is. We can even do a video inspection to help find the leak. The lighted camera allows us to see damage or obstructions that could be causing problems or verify that the water line is clean after the plumbing service.

Call Fayette for expert leak detection services if you suspect a leak on your commercial property in Lexington.

Swift Commercial Water Leak Repairs

Once the damage or leak has been located, we set to work repairing it. We keep our service vehicles fully stocked to be able to fix the vast majority of leaks on the spot.

We have a myriad of methods to fix leaks, each fitting best into particular circumstances. If you need a leak repaired, our faithful plumbers are prepared to handle it.

Contact Fayette for professional commercial water leak repairs in Lexington, Kentucky. We have technicians on call for 24/7 emergency leak repair services.

Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

Natural gas leaks are a serious problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, but gas providers add a distinct smell to help property managers quickly identify it. If you suspect a gas leak, turn off your natural gas—ideally, you can identify the valve, but you can also call your gas company if you can’t find it. Then, evacuate the building immediately.

Then, call Fayette for gas leak repairs in Lexington, Kentucky. We’ll find the problem and get it fixed in a hurry. We offer 24/7/365 emergency plumbing repair services.