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Commercial Gas Line Services in Lexington, Kentucky

Gas is a dangerous substance, and it is vital that when gas lines are installed or repaired, you know that a professional did it perfectly. Fayette is the trusted name in gas line repairs and replacements in Lexington, Kentucky. We can also install new gas lines on new commercial building projects.

Professionally Licensed Gas Line Repair Services

Gas lines that run from the gas meter to your commercial or industrial building are the responsibility of the property owner or developer. With years of experience and training, our expert plumbers know all the best practices and building code requirements for gas line repairs on commercial and industrial buildings.

Gas Line Replacement for Commercial and Industrial Properties

A professional, licensed plumber should do commercial and industrial gas line replacements. Fayette’s plumbers are licensed and insured, and have years of experience replacing commercial gas lines in Lexington. We’ll ensure your gas lines are replaced with maximum safety in mind, and that your building meets the proper building codes.

We can also hook up any gas appliances you need. We offer a warranty on all our work so you can feel confident in our gas line services. 

What To Do In The Event of A Gas Leak

Natural gas is odorless, but local gas companies add a sulfuric odor to the gas to help you identify when there is a leak. If you smell sulfur, don’t delay and evacuate the building immediately. Call your gas company and ask them to shut off the natural gas.

There are a lot of reasons a gas line might leak. It could be age, improper installation, wear and tear to the gas pipes, or too much pressure in the pipes. After temporarily turning off the gas, call a qualified plumber to find and fix the problem. Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency gas line repairs. We will assess the repair and have your gas lines up and running safely and promptly. 

Contact Fayette today to learn more about commercial gas line repair and replacement in Lexington.