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Commercial Pipe Video Inspections in Lexington

Plumbing systems are essential for the day-to-day operations of any facility or commercial building. Bathrooms, showers, sinks, hoses, and other plumbing fixtures require flowing water. Once that water is used, it has to go somewhere. Drain pipes lead water away to be recycled and reused.

While our plumbing systems are crucial for our standard of living, we like to hide and bury the pipelines. Hiding them keeps them from being an eyesore and also helps protect them from external damage. The natural consequence of this is that they are exceedingly difficult to visually inspect, at least until recently.

Fayette offers commercial pipe video inspections in Lexington. If there is a problem with your plumbing system, we can easily inspect the interior of your pipes and find the right solution for your commercial space.

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What is Pipe Video Inspection?

Nowadays, with modern video equipment, we can inspect the interior pipelines to determine the source and size of obstructions that might be causing leaks, water backups, or damage to pipes. This flexible, non-destructive testing method allows us to inspect pipes of any size or material makeup, including PVC, terra cotta, cast iron, copper, or steel.

What Equipment is Used for Pipe Video Inspection?

Plumbers use the same kind of flexible, fiber-optic cameras that surgeons use. These rugged, lightweight cameras have a light that shines ahead of them, allowing plumbers to see any damage or obstructions that could be causing problems.

Fayette’s pipe inspection trucks have a powered reel with video cable reinforced with kevlar or steel wire braid. A powered winch is used to lower or retrieve the inspection equipment.

Diagnosing Pipe Problems

The camera operator will typically inspect, analyze, and determine the problem during the live camera inspection. However, the inspection is always recorded and saved for later review.

The cause of the problems is usually readily apparent to those with an experienced eye. The next step is determining the best action to resolve the problem. Clogs may need to be snaked and then water jetted.

For roots, we may need to clean the pipe with a rotating root-cutting blade or use a chemical foam to inhibit root growth. If there is extensive damage only in one section, we may excavate and replace only that specific section.

Another repair strategy we use is similar to the surgical procedure to reopen clogged arteries. A fabric liner is pulled through the pipe, then inflated, and then we use chemicals or heat to make it rigid and stiff.

For severe damage, we may need to excavate and replace the entire pipe altogether.

Fayette’s Professional Pipe Video Inspection Services

Fayette offers expert commercial pipe video inspection services in Lexington and the surrounding areas up to Elizabethtown and Bardstown, Kentucky.

Video inspections of pipes are the best way to determine the source of the problem. Recordings of clean pipe inspections are also excellent for showing investors or buyers that your building’s plumber system is in excellent shape. Alternatively, if you are looking at purchasing a commercial property, a video plumbing inspection is often money well spent.

Schedule a video pipe inspection today with Fayette.