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Commercial Water Heater & Industrial Boiler Services in Lexington

Commercial buildings and facilities use large, complex water heaters and boilers to produce hot water. These commercial systems require licensed plumbers who are experienced with the complexity of these systems and understand how to get them up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Experienced Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Installation & Replacement Services

If the time has come to install a new water heater or boiler in your commercial building, be sure to hire an experienced plumbing company. This is no task for a plumber who is not experienced in these complex systems. 

Trust our licensed plumbers to help determine the best system to meet your needs and install your system correctly. We proudly carry all the top commercial water heaters and boilers brands, including Bradford White, Rheem, and A.O. Smith. 

We also stock an inventory of quality industrial water heaters and boilers and typically carry them on our trucks. We have a unit to fit any capacity requirements, even for large commercial or industrial applications. Contact Fayette for expert commercial water heater and boiler installation and replacement services in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas up to Elizabethtown and Bardstown, Kentucky. 

Reliable Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your commercial water heater or boiler is key to extending the life of your system. Tune-up visits help to prevent repair issues before they become emergency repair issues. 

Our experienced plumbing professionals can inspect your water heater or boiler and ensure everything works properly. We’ll replace any damaged parts and test the system for inefficiencies or other problems. 

Schedule your commercial water heater or boiler maintenance today and speak with our staff about regular maintenance schedules.

Swift Water Heater & Industrial Boiler Repairs

Due to their complex nature and how long and often they have to run, commercial water heaters and boilers will occasionally break down. It could be from worn parts needing replacement, blockages from sediment buildup, cracks, broken joints, and more. 

If we spot a problem during one of our regular maintenance inspections, we’ll either fix the problem on the spot or schedule another time for the repair. We understand that having the water heater or boiler online as often as possible is crucial to your facility’s systems.

Our expert plumbing technicians undergo regular and ongoing training to be ready to troubleshoot and fix any complex commercial water heater or boiler. We want to be a steady and reliable resource who knows the answer and can get your water heater back online. 

Contact Fayette for expert commercial water heater and industrial boiler repairs in Lexington and surrounding areas. 

24/7/365 Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Repairs

Fayette keeps plumbing technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to ensure that our customers know they can always contact us for emergency plumbing repairs

Whether your commercial building needs an emergency water heater or boiler repair, or needs a planned installation of a new unit, we can meet even the most complex hot water system’s needs. We are trained and familiar with all the most common issues when installing or repairing commercial water heating systems.

Fayette Maestro for quick, same-day emergency commercial water heater or boiler repair services.