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Commercial Water Tempering in Lexington, Kentucky

A water tempering valve is used to “temper” very hot water into a much more comfortable temperature range by adding cold water. A facility may have a range of reasons to keep water very hot. Water may be heated in large boilers to provide hot water to a whole facility.

Hot water below 140 degrees is susceptible to the growth of harmful bacteria. By keeping water above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, facilities can prevent bacteria growth and keep the water clean. It can then be used for sanitizing, washing dishes, and other medical purposes.

The hot water can also be used for normal uses, like showers and sinks. However, water that is 140 degrees or warmer is too hot for humans and will scald anyone touching it. Additionally, it is too hot to put down plumbing drains. Water at those temperatures has been proven to degrade plumbing systems, pipes, and even the sealant glue that keeps joints together.

For these reasons, it’s important to temper the water to a reasonable temperature between 80 and 120 degrees. That’s why Fayette offers commercial water tempering services in Lexington, Kentucky.

Water Tempering Valve Installation & Replacement Services

Accidental scalding is a potential hazard in any building. Because of this, many local and state plumbing codes protect users by requiring water tempering valves, also known as thermostatic mixing valves, to be installed to regulate water temperatures coming from the water heater.

In a single-family residence, the solution is simply turning down the thermostat on the water heater. But larger multi-use buildings need a tempering valve. Determining the correct valve for various commercial applications can be very complicated.

Fayette’s expert plumbing team has the experience and training necessary to install and replace commercial water temper valves. We are familiar with their various applications and uses, and can quickly determine the correct valve to be used for your needs.

We offer expert water tempering valve installation and replacement services in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas up to Elizabethtown and Bardstown, Kentucky. We can also inspect and maintain any existing valves you have in place.

How Do You Adjust a Tempering Valve?

If the water coming out of a tempering valve is too hot or too cold, it can be adjusted. Follow these general steps to adjust the set temperature of a water temper valve:

  1. Locate the Valve: The valve is generally installed on the water supply near the water heater.
  2. Identify the Temperature Adjustment Mechanism: This may be a dial or a screw on the valve.
  3. Turn On the Hot Water: Let the water run for a minute to stabilize the water temperature.
  4. Record the Water Temperature: Use a thermometer to find the water temperature at the faucet.
  5. Adjust the Temperature: Change the screw or dial on the tempering valve. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines on adjusting the temperature set point.
  6. Wait and Repeat As Necessary: Give the water a few minutes to stabilize to your new set temperature. Measure the temperature of the faucet again, and repeat process as necessary.

Contact Fayette today for commercial water tempering services in the Lexington area.