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Electrical Inspections in Lexington & Elsmere, Kentucky

Electrical inspections are necessary every few years or so, depending on the age of the electrical work in your house. These inspections ensure that the home is safe to run electricity through, meaning that there are no hazards like faulty wiring or damaged outlets. 

The National Electric Code requires that electrical installations and upgrades be inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure that the electrical equipment meets minimum safety requirements and is within code.

If you can’t remember the last time you had an electrical inspection in your home, you’re probably due for one. The electricians at Fayette Heating & Air can help! We offer electrical inspections to Lexington and Elsmere residents. Reach out today!

When Should You Get an Electrical Inspection?

Below are some situations when it’s advisable to schedule an electrical safety inspection:

  • Before buying or selling a home
  • If you’re experiencing electrical problems
  • After a renovation or remodel
  • Before upgrading to new appliances
  • As part of routine maintenance


No matter why you need an electrical inspection, Fayette’s licensed electricians can ensure that your home is safe and free of any electrical hazards. 

Our Electrical Inspection Checklist

Fayette’s trustworthy electricians are trained to follow an electrical inspection checklist where they look over individual components of your electrical system, including:

  • Electrical Panel: Your electrician will check the condition of your breaker box for signs of any damage and ensure that all its components are functioning properly.
  • Wiring and Connections: Your electrician will check for loose or exposed wires, including signs of overheating, and tighten any loose connections.
  • Outlets and Switches: They’ll test the functionality of the outlets and switches, then verify that outlets are properly grounded and that outlet and light switch faceplates are secure and tightened. 
  • Lighting Fixtures: The electrician will check for functionality, proper installation, and secure mounting, and verify that lightbulbs are the correct wattage for the type of fixture. 
  • Grounding System: They will check the integrity of the grounding rods, conductors, and electrodes. They will also verify that all electrical panels and equipment are properly grounded, and test ground fault protection devices like surge protectors. 
  • Electrical Appliances: They will inspect the operation of major appliances, HVAC systems, and electrical equipment, and test the functionality of safety features, like emergency shut-off switches. 
  • Code Compliance: Most importantly, your electrician will ensure that all electrical work meets current building codes, regulations, and safety standards, giving you peace of mind. 


If our electricians uncover any electrical hazards, we also offer electrical repair services and can solve those issues immediately. Contact the electricians at Fayette today for an electrical inspection in Lexington or Elsmere, KY.