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Industrial/Municipal Water Jetting

Are you having problems with your property’s drains? Do they drain slowly, back up, or get frequent clogs? It’s time to call in a professional plumber to take care of your plumbing system and get it back to full operational capacity. 

There are two main weapons in the plumber’s clog-clearing arsenal. The first is the plumbing snake, and the second is water jetting. Contact Fayette for professional commercial and industrial water jetting in Lexington and the surrounding areas. 

5 Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydrojetting is the process of pushing high-pressure streams of water through pipes with special equipment. The water rushes through the pipes so quickly and with so much pressure that it pushes away all the junk and grime. 

Here are five benefits of hydro-jetting:

  1. Power Clog Removal: Hydro-jetting can slice through clogs and break them up into tiny pieces. It is excellent at removing dirt, grime, grease, fat, and other obstructions that build up over time. It can even handle tree roots that have infiltrated sewer lines. 
  2. Thorough Pipe Cleaning: While a plumber’s snake can get most of a clog, it doesn’t clean up all the small pieces and residue left behind. New debris clings to this leftover ring grime, and the clog forms anew with less time than it could have if the pipe were fully cleaned. Water jetting cleans the clog and any leftover residue, making the pipe look new again. 
  3. Future Proofing: Because hydro jetting cleans the pipe more thoroughly, you buy yourself significantly more time before the next clog forms. 
  4. Greater Reach and Flexibility: Plumbers can clean and access nearly any part of a plumbing system with water jetting. Not all snaking operations can reach every place, and they may require more access points cut into the plumbing to reach or work properly. 
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Water jetting is much more environmentally friendly than putting harmful chemicals down the drain. These chemicals can enter into the local biosphere or municipal water system and harm the environment and fellow citizens. 


Professional Industrial & Municipal Water Jetting Services

Our water jetting services can remove grease from commercial kitchen drain lines, clogs created by built-up debris and grease, and even invading tree roots. We can clean your building’s storm drains, sewer pipes, septic lines, and drainage pipes with our hydro jetting equipment. 

We regularly clean pipes ranging in size from two inches to 70 inches using high-pressure water jetting. Fayette utilizes specialized water jetting equipment and trains our staff to safely and efficiently use it. 

Contact Fayette for expert industrial and municipal hydro jetting services in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.