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Heating Maintenance Services in Lexington, Kentucky

There’s nothing worse than your heater waiting until the coldest day of the year to give out on you. Regular heating system checks are an excellent way to ensure your system operates properly and efficiently all year round.

At Fayette Heating & Air, our 30-point system check and safety inspection can ensure that your heating system is prepared for winter. Contact us today if you need heating maintenance services in the Lexington and Elsmere, Kentucky areas.

Reliable Maintenance Services for Your Heating System

Scheduling regular maintenance visits is an integral part of keeping a healthy heating system. This inspection can help catch any minor issues with your furnace before they become significant problems and cause breakdowns at inconvenient times. 

At Fayette Heating & Air, we provide a complete 30-point heating system check and safety inspection. Our licensed technicians receive quality training and education that exceeds the state requirements. So, regarding your heating system check, you can rest easy knowing our team has been adequately trained on all furnace functions.

During your inspection, our technicians will look into all furnace operations, system safeties, and indoor air quality elements to give you a thorough diagnosis. Our heating system check and safety inspection is designed to cover every feature of your heating system, providing you peace of mind knowing your furnace is fully equipped to handle the winter.

What To Expect During a Heating System Check

If you’ve never witnessed a maintenance visit for your heating system, it might be nice to know what our team will do. During a standard visit, our technicians will follow a 30-point checklist of tasks and inspections. 

Here’s a summary of what our technicians will do:

  • Inspect heat exchanger for corrosion, separation, or cracks
  • Check for leaks or blockages
  • Lubricate the motor’s moving parts to eliminate friction
  • Test for a tight seal on your blower access door
  • And more!

Why Choose Fayette Heating & Air

Fayette Heating & Air always aims to provide Lexington residents courteous and professional maintenance services. We screen all our employees before hiring, ensuring safe and reliable service for you and your family.

As a professional HVAC company, we are certified with the BBB. We recently received The Herald Leader’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best HVAC Company for the fifth year.

If you need heating maintenance services in Lexington and Elsmere, Kentucky areas, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.