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Backflow Testing & Installation in Lexington, Kentucky

Backflow preventers are vital to protecting our city’s water. These devices prevent water from flowing into the city’s main water line from your property. This ensures that chemicals, toxins, debris, and untreated water don’t enter the city’s potable drinking water. 

All businesses and commercial buildings should have a backflow prevention device installed, which should be checked annually. In many cases, installation and inspection are required by law. 

Backflow Prevention Device Installations

Backflow prevention devices are installed nationwide in homes, businesses, labs, and sprinkler systems. They have check valves or two one-way valves that prevent water from flowing back into the main water line. Think of these valves as a one-way door for water. 

To install a backflow preventer, a permit must be issued to a Master Plumber, and the installation must be performed by at least a Journeyman Plumber, followed by an inspection and certification. 

At H2O Maestro, our licensed professional plumbing technicians install backflow prevention devices for commercial buildings in Lexington, Kentucky. Our trained plumbers know the building code and can ensure your inspections and certifications are up-to-date. A failed building inspection can cost you much more than getting a backflow correctly installed and regularly tested. 

Call Fayette for professional backflow device installations in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Backflow Device Inspections and Testing

Fayette’s plumbers are fully qualified to inspect, test, and repair all backflow assemblies and devices. We offer scheduled and emergency testing, repair, and installation services. Keep your commercial facility compliant and your certification up to date with Fayette. Schedule an appointment today!