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Emergency AC Services in Lexington & Elsmere, Kentucky

Air conditioners are notorious for going out at the worst times. This is often due to the amount of strain put on them during hot summer days when, no matter how low you turn down the air, the AC just can’t keep up. This can create an uncomfortable and even dangerous environment.

Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan and prevent breakdowns, but sometimes, an overworked AC will go out no matter what. When this happens, rely on Fayette’s 24-hour emergency tech support and schedule AC services in Lexington and Elsmere. You’ll talk with a live operator who can walk you through all the potential easy fixes. If that’s not enough to fix it, we’ll schedule you for next-day AC repair services. 

Signs of an AC Emergency

Any issue with your air conditioner should be addressed in a timely manner; however, some issues require immediate service. Below are some common problems that indicate you need professional AC emergency services:

  • Blowing Warm Air
  • Unusual Noises
  • Burning Smells
  • Water Pooling Around Unit
  • System Is Unresponsive


If you notice any of these problems with your AC unit, it’s crucial to contact one of our HVAC professionals at Fayette for emergency AC repair services. We can quickly diagnose the problem and resolve it before it escalates to a more costly issue, like air conditioning replacement

In the case of a costly emergency, Fayette offers HVAC financing options so you never have to sacrifice your comfort for a less reliable air conditioner or budgetary limitations. 

Prevent Breakdowns With AC Maintenance

Most industry professionals recommend having AC maintenance performed on your entire system before the summer heat sets in each year. That way, your system can operate at its best, with less of a chance of failure on the hottest summer day.

At Fayette Heating & Air, our 30-point system check and safety inspection will ensure that your system is ready for the summer heat.

When you need 24/7 emergency AC tech support and scheduling services in Lexington or Elsmere, Kentucky, call the professionals at Fayette Heating & Air. If you exhaust the easy fixes, we’ll have a technician over the next service day to get your AC up and running. 

Contact us today by scheduling an appointment online or calling us at (859) 695-6142, and we’ll be right over.