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5 Tips To Lower Your Cooling Bill

hand programming thermostat to lower your energy bill


5 Tips To Lower Your Cooling Bill

The severe summer heat across Central Kentucky can make any homeowner feel uncomfortable. From rising temperatures and possible system repairs, it’s easy to be frustrated and worried over the rising summer temperatures. While the heat will inevitably cause a slight bump in your cooling bill, the last thing you need to sweat about is an outrageous cooling bill. Our 6 tips will help you keep your system running efficiently and your cooling bill in check all summer long.

Check The Seals Around Your Home

The seals around your home’s windows and doors are crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. If your home is still uncomfortably warm or your cooling bills are still uncomfortably high, take some time to check your home’s seals. If there are cracks in these areas, conditioned air can easily escape your home and hot, humid air can easily enter. With proper seals around your windows, doors, and other areas, your cooling system can keep your home comfortable as efficiently as possible.

Set It And Forget It

In severe weather seasons, it is all too tempting to constantly adjust your thermostat. It may seem easy to set your thermostat at a low temperature for the whole day to create a comfortable home or even turn your system off and on to save on money, but these habits create several issues. Turning your system off and on, makes it difficult for your system to adjust to quick changes and can wear down some of its key components. However, keeping your system running around the clock on a low temperature will result in a costly energy bill each month.

The best option for both you and your budget is to “set it and forget it.” Take some time to program your thermostat to raise and lower throughout the day. If you and your family aren’t home throughout the day or prefer it to be warmer throughout the night, then set those time intervals for your thermostat. Allowing your thermostat to raise and lower the temperature in your home at designated times will save your system and your wallet.

Set Your Ceiling Fans
Before you resort to lowering your thermostat, try utilizing the ceiling fans in your home to redistribute the warm air. Any warm air in your home with naturally rise to the ceiling of your home, but with an abundance of warm air, rely on your ceiling fans to help the circulation. By setting your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise, you will continue to push warm air back toward your ceiling and keep air moving through your home.

Check Your Blinds And Vents

If there are rooms or areas in your home that feel warmer than others, you may need to check your blinds and vents. If there are rooms that receive an excessive amount of light during the mornings or afternoons, then they will naturally feel warmer than other areas. To reduce the additional heat in these rooms, try closing the window blinds during the teams of extreme sunlight. Additionally, take some time to walk throughout your home and check the vents in each room. Make sure that all of your vents are open and clean, so your home can receive clean and even air.

Have Your Cooling System Checked

Your cooling system should be checked regularly to ensure that your system is performing properly. Regular checks of your cooling system can catch any small issues before they become large problems, but can also ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. With a healthy and efficient cooling system, your cooling bills should stay in an appropriate range during the summer months.

For more information on lowering your cooling bills or to schedule a System Check & Safety Inspection, be sure to call Fayette Heating & Air at 859-203-4602.