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4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Heating Bill In Check

Keeping your home warm during the freezing winter months is necessary, yet it isn’t always cheap. With severe weather you will inevitably see a rise in your monthly heating bill, but ensuring that your heating system is running efficiently can help you save. Follow these 4 Tips to Keep Your Heating Bill In Check this winter:

1.) Let Your Home Work For You

If areas of your home receive natural light during the morning or afternoon, open your window blinds in these areas. Receiving this natural light can help heat your home during the day.

Before you crank up your thermostat, you should also consider using your home’s ceiling fans and windows to naturally make your home feel warmer.

Warm air naturally rises to the ceiling of your home, but setting your ceiling fans to spin clockwise will push warm air back down to your living area. This trick will redistribute the heat that is already in your home, rather than adding extra.

2.) Program Your Thermostat

One of the simplest things you can do is lower and program your thermostat. The Department of Energy states that setting your thermostat back by 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day can help you save as much as 10% a year on your heating and cooling bill. Programming your thermostat to adjust to these changes is also easier on your system. With programmed temperature changes, your heating system can gradually increase temperatures when needed, instead of adjusting quickly to sporadic spikes.

3.) Have Your System Checked

A healthy and efficient heating system will keep your heating bill in its appropriate range. Before extended periods of severe weather, you should have your system checked to make sure everything is working properly. Regular system checks can catch any small issues before they become large problems, but can also ensure that your system is performing efficiently.

4.) Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Your heating system performs best when it has a clean and unobstructed air flow. It is natural for dirt, debris, and dust to build up in and around your system, but with a few simple steps you can keep clean air moving through your system.

First check your vents to make sure they are fully open and nothing is blocking proper air circulation. Be sure to clean these vents routinely to prevent any dust or debris from building up. Also make sure you are changing your filter regularly, so your system can run more efficiently and you can breathe cleaner, healthier air. A standard fiberglass filter should be changed or washed every 30 days and a more advanced allergen filter should be changed every 90 days.

For more information on lowering your heating bills or to schedule a System Check & Safety Inspection, be sure to call Fayette Heating & Air at 859-233-0424.