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Whole Home Generators

Power outages happen and can not be prevented. Feel rest assured that a whole home generator is ready for when the next outage occurs. Whole home generators can provide backup power to your house until regular power is restored.

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

Installing a whole home generator helps your home to have power even if power lines are down or for extended periods of power outages. This can save you money from food becoming spoiled in your refrigerator and allow your family to function as normally as possible until power is restored.

  • 22kw Generator
  • Mobile LinkTM Wi-Fi Connectivity: connect to Wi-fi even if the power is out
  • Smart, User-Friendly Controls
  • Surge protection: projects your appliances in your home from being damaged due to power surges
  • Extended warranty
  • One annual tune-up: extend the life of your generator and ensure it’s ready when needed
  • Remote monitoring: allows you to know what your generator is doing even if you are away from home.
  • Mobile app reminders: maintenance reminders, track services performed, and run regular test to ensure your generator is running properly

Whole Home Generator Installation

Installation of whole home generators requires professional technicians. Since home generators are hooked up to the electrical panel in your home, a licensed electrician is required to ensure proper installation. Depending on the type of generator, a plumber could be needed. This would be for gas or liquid propane home generators.

The professional electricians and plumbers at Fayette Heating & Air are licensed, have the proper tools, and the experience to get your whole home generator installed in your home. Give us a call today, for whole home generator installation.

Home Generator Financing

Financing is available for whole house generators. Give Fayette Heating & Air a call to see what options are available.