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No Power? No Problem When You Have a Whole Home Generator

No Power? No Problem When You Have a Whole Home Generator

In July of 2018, one of the worst power outages since the 2003 Ice Storm, occurred in Central Kentucky. It was reported that more than 80,000 people were without power. Some areas were without power for  5 days. Power outages are incredibly scary events, that can be prevented. That’s where a whole home generator comes in. Here are many benefits of having a whole home generator.

Transition is seamless

You don’t have to worry when the power goes out and often you don’t notice it goes out. As soon as the electricity stops coming from the main power lines, the generator automatically kicks on. This can help you be confident, that no matter the storm, your family will stay safe and the lights will stay on.

You Don’t Need Gasoline

Whole home generators run on natural gas or propane. This allows you to have continual power and you won’t need to refill the generator with gasoline. This is incredibly important, considering power outages can last many days. In July 2018, some families were without power for 5 days. With a portable generator will require you to continue refilling it with gasoline, but a whole home generator will continue running uninterrupted until your power is restored.

Food won’t spoil

If the power is out for days you might have to throw out all your refrigerated and frozen foods. Your generator can keep your fridge running so your food stays cold. While this might seem very small, this can save you hundreds and an unnecessary trip to the grocery store.

Pipes won’t freeze

In the winter, your heating system can keep your pipes from freezing. When the temperatures are below freezing and your power goes out, your pipes are at serious risk of freezing. When your pipes freeze, they can burst causing thousands in water damage. Your generator can keep your heat running so you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing or bursting.

It Keeps Your HVAC System Operating

You have the choice to keep your heating and cooling system running with whole home generators. So, you don’t have to experience freezing   cold temperatures or restless, sweaty nights when the power goes out. You and your family will stay comfortable inside, no matter the weather outside.

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