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One-Touch CONTROL Of All Your Home Devices.

Now Included with Every Comfy Club Membership!

With a Comfy Club membership, you will receive a Home Hub. This Home Hub powers your home system with a dedicated cellular network, connecting all of your devices and creating a seamless experience with the Mobile App and website. This dedicated monthly cell service is included with your Fayette Heating & Air / H2O Maestro Comfy Club Membership!*

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Included in Your Comfy Club Membership!

Comfy CONTROL is installed by Fayette Heating & Air and H2O Maestro, and the monthly service connection for the system is included in your Comfy Club Membership at no additional cost.

Home Automation for Everyone

Comfy CONTROL is the most reliable and complete home automation system available. It gives you total, one-touch control over your home electronics – not just your smart thermostat and cameras.

Remotely Control Music, Windows, Doors & More

Comfy CONTROL monitors your home, automatically shuts off water valves when a leak is detected, allows you to remotely open doors and windows, and even lets you turn on music and lights in your home, all with one touch on your computer or phone, from anywhere in the world.

Choose Your Add-Ons

+ Doorbell Cam
Only $6 More
Per Month!
+ Video Cam
Only $12 More
Per Month!

What Is Included with Comfy CONTROL?

ComfyClub members receive the following benefit packages at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
Benefit #1

Air + Power

Smart Thermostat & Sensor: Automatically adjusts to save energy when you’re out and the Sensor can adjust the temperature precisely where you need it.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor: Siren and Mobile App alerts can save lives. When integrated with the Smart Thermostat, it automatically shuts off the HVAC system to prevent CO from being produced or distributed.

Door & Window Sensors: Get an alert when a door is opened at an unusual time or left open. Sensors work with other smart devices so your lights can automatically turn on when you come home. You can even turn off your air conditioning when a window is left open.

Benefit #2


Smart Plugs: Control lighting remotely and create automated schedules. Simply plug in a lamp and enjoy easy remote and pre-programmed lighting control.

Wall Switches: Multiple lights can be controlled with a single tap to shortcut bedtime or set the perfect ambiance.

Video Monitoring: Our full line of indoor and outdoor HD-video cameras let you know what’s going on at home. Check in live with the Mobile App and get intelligent video alerts on important activity.

Benefit #3


Dry Contact Sensor: Alerts you before your cooling system’s condensate pan overflows, allowing time to act before major water damage or mold growth can occur.

Water Sensors: Protect your home by detecting water and notifying you immediately, so you can ensure that a small leak doesn’t become a big one.

Smart Water Valves + Meters: Automatically closes your home’s main water valve when a leak is detected to prevent damage. Also monitors water consumption to catch hidden leaks and reduce water bills.

Comfy CONTROL is just one benefit of The Comfy Club!

The Comfy Club is a private membership residential service club that protects your home from unexpected HVAC and plumbing breakdowns through year-round, preventative maintenance while adding years of life to your equipment. As a member of the Comfy Club, your home is protected from the annoyance of unexpected breakdowns. If a problem does occur, you'll go to the top of our service list. You will be priority service protected every hour of every day from Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Emergencies.

The Comfy Club: HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Priority Emergency Service

As a member of the Comfy Club, you will go to the front of the line and top of our appointment book if you have an emergency. During times of high call volume, our available appointment slots are reserved for our Comfy Club members.

20% Discount

If your home’s heating, cooling, or plumbing is ever in need of repair, you will receive an exclusive 20% discount on all services and repairs.

30-Point System Check & Safety Inspection

Twice a year, you will receive our 30-Point System Check and Safety Inspection for your Heating and Air Conditioning.

Member-Only Phone Line

To help ensure that you are always taken care of, you will receive a non-published phone number that’s reserved only for Comfy Club Members. This number makes sure you cut to the front of our phone lines.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our work and want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services. As a Comfy Club Member, we guarantee all of our repairs for three full years.

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