Commercial Air Conditioning & HVAC Repairs

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It is a significant investment to have a new HVAC system installed in your building. It is the responsibility of that system to ensure the comfort of everyone in the building, and its ideal lifespan is 15 to 20 years or more. Proper HVAC maintenance can help ensure your investment by getting the system checked annually or quarterly as suggested by your service technician.

Because of this, Fayette Heating & Air suggests scheduling routine visits for commercial HVAC maintenance. Our technicians offer a large range of services and are able to service every major brand and style of commercial HVAC systems. Call our service experts in Kentucky today.


HVAC systems are used a lot as it maintains the comfort of your tenants by providing heating or cooling to each room of your building each day. That space needs to be slightly cooled and ventilated, even on warm days. As a result, there are very few days throughout the year when it is not running, resulting in rapid wear and tear.

Even the most expensive and highly rated heating and cooling systems will have issues over the years if not properly maintained and inspected by a professional on a regular basis. We recommend having your commercial HVAC system serviced annually or quarterly based on its amount of use. Our staff can discuss the recommended maintenance and tune-up calendar with you when you call to schedule an appointment.

During a HVAC service call, a technician will check every major part of your rooftop unit to make sure it’s working properly. This entails lubricating moving parts like the motor of your blower fan and making certain that all burners, condensate drains, and filters are free of dust and debris. Technicians also take a look at the electrical parts, test the condenser and blower and run a full scope of diagnostics to guarantee your HVAC system is prepared for the approaching season.


A commercial heating and air system is least likely to break down if regular maintenance and inspections are done every three months. Regular maintenance helps to prevent larger issues from occurring as they are caught quickly and are able to be fixed.

However, if a problem does arise, whether as a result of severe weather or a component malfunction, you should be aware that a qualified technician is available to immediately inspect and repair your system. We offer full commercial heating and air conditioning repair services in Kentucky and can fix all serious issues on your commercial HVAC system right away, even at three AM toward the end of the week so that you can keep your business running.

When it’s time for your HVAC system routine repair or if it doesn’t seem to be operating properly, give us a call. Fayette Heating & Air has expert technicians ready to help you with your commercial air conditioning and heating needs in Kentucky. We also offer commercial HVAC replacement services. Ask our staff about replacement services today.

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No matter the issue, no matter the time, with Fayette Heating & Air you know that you can expect award-winning heating repairs, "Every Time".