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HVAC Sanitizing in Lexington, Kentucky

After many years of hot and cold air being blown in your ducts from room to room, this air can pick up dust, germs, and bacteria, decreasing the air quality over time. Suppose you are concerned about your home’s air quality due to possible contamination of your HVAC system components. In that case, Fayette Heating & Air offers sanitizing services for heating and cooling equipment in Lexington and Elsmere, Kentucky.

Why You Might Need HVAC Equipment Sanitization

The most common need for sanitizing service is usually in homes where someone suffers from respiratory problems like asthma or seasonal allergies. Symptoms of these respiratory problems get increasingly worse when there is a high level contaminants or germs in the air.

Those with compromised immune systems can significantly benefit from a sanitizing service. This simple process can be done during regular duct sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning, or routine heating and cooling tune-ups.

We recommend having the process done routinely–usually once a year–and often at the same time as the coils are cleaned on your air conditioner. Because the rest of the system is rarely cleaned, this process will ensure your entire HVAC system is clear of any unwanted germs.

Sanitizing Services For Your Heating and Cooling System

To learn more about sanitization services in Kentucky for your heating and cooling system, Contact the Fayette Heating & Air experts today. We have been providing expert HVAC and indoor air quality services to homeowners throughout the region for many years and can do the same for you.

One of our air quality experts will discuss your options with you and set up a time to visit your Lexington home and inspect your system before performing the necessary sanitization.